School of Pharmacy offers professional degree education program for the period of one year (two semesters) to train bachelor of pharmacy to become pharmacist (Apoteker). The target of the education program is to achieve the competencies of pharmacist in accordance to national (Indonesian Pharmacist Association, ISFI) as well as international (Federation Internationale Pharmaceutique, FIP) standards. With the above standards, graduates are oriented to the target of work in various sectors of pharmacy: pharmaceutical industry (formulation, raw material production), pharmaceutical care (hospital, community pharmacy, primary healthcare center), registration and regulatory (inspection, guidance and surveillance, testing and evaluation), academica and research (university, research and development, education and training), also in other sectors related to pharmacy.


The objectives of Professional Pharmacy Education Program of the School of Pharmacy are producing pharmacists who are able to personalize and conducting the professional services in suitable manner according to the prevailing regulations; having good personality and high integrity to the nation, and able to develop and apply science and technology to strengthen the professional skill and personality, sensitive to the interest and problems of the community especially involving field of expertise, and able to act professionally in solving the problem.


The education and training activities consist of courses, internship or practical work and comprehensive examination. This program enrolls new student every semester in order to follow courses and practical work which is provided in every semester as well. Student needs to conduct three practical works selected from pharmaceutical industry, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy (apothecary), government (drug administration), or clinical laboratory.

Code Course Title Credit
FP5001 Pharmaceutical Management 3
FP5002 Legislation of Pharmacy & Professional Ethics 2
FP5003 Compounding & Dispensing 3
FP5004 Industrial Pharmacy 3
FP5005 Communication Science 2
FP5006 Pharmaceutical care 3
FP5007 Pharmacotherapy 2
FP5008 Formulation of Solid Dosage Form 2
FP5009 Formulation of Semisolid and Liquid Dosage Form 2
FP5010 Quality Management 3
FP5011 Obligatory Field Work : Industry 8
FP5012 Elective field work: Hospital Pharmacy 8
FP5013 Elective field work: Aphotecs 8
FP5014 Elective field work : Government 8
FP5015 Elective field work: Clinical Laboratorium 8
FP5016 Final Exam : Apotheker (Pharmacist) 1

Apothecary Comprehensive Examination

The examination system for apothecary program was designed to measure the capacity of candidate in fulfilling the academic standard, professional skill and behavior as graduate holding professional occupation. Examination covers three hard skills, i.e.: regulation, drug information in pharmacy services; production and quality control. Examination is followed by participants who have completed all courses, practical work and fulfill the administrative requirement.


Professional degree program of the School of Pharmacy opens for bachelor of pharmacy from academic pharmacy (sarjana) study program, participant from other universities are selected through qualification test.


Eligible candidates apply before the semester start by writing a letter of intent to the Head of the Professional Pharmacy Education Program. The requirement for registration is as follows:

  1. Letter of intent to participate in Pharmacy Professional Education Program.
  2. Copy of academic transcript and bachelor certificate legalized by the dean.
  3. Three pieces of photograph (4×6 cm).
  4. Fill in the application.
  5. Registration fee Rp 300,000.- (including selection fee)
  6. Fulfill other requirements in accordance to the prevailing policies.