Industrial Pharmacy Master’s Program

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The development of science and technology plays an important part in the development of medicines, especially in the field of formulation, production technology, and quality control, which involves the application of advanced and complex instruments and methods. This development is also followed by the development of pharmaceutical regulation, especially in the regulation in industrial pharmacy. The globalization in various life dimensions has a huge impact on the globalization of pharmacy through the harmonization at the regional and global level.

Professional pharmacists, who have skills in solving different problems in pharmaceutical industry, are needed to face the global challenges. The required skills can only be acquired through the provision of qualified knowledge and education, which focuses on different yet related aspects of drug production and quality control.

School of Pharmacy ITB provides Industrial Pharmacy Master’s Program as one of the efforts to prepare highly competent human resources for pharmaceutical industries. This program is supported by the experts and strong ITB networks with the national and international pharmaceutical industries and regulatory authorities.


Industrial Pharmacy Master’s Program is aimed at producing highly integrated graduates, who are professionally qualified in managing the regular activities and developing the pharmaceutical industries based on modern science and technology.