Patient Counseling Event 2010 “Good Pharmacist, Good Counseling”

ITB’s Pharmaceutical Students Association (Himpunan Mahasiswa Farmasi “Ars Praeparandi” ITB) held Patient Counseling Event (PCE) 2010 for the fifth time. PCE is a national scale event with a purpose to show the importance of counseling skill and ability in pharmaceutical therapy, and also to train the communication ability of pharmaceutical students. PCE is a program from International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF), the program was adapted in Indonesia for the first time by HMF ‘Ars Praeparandi’ ITB. PCE 2010 was held in two parts. The first one is the roadshow (took place on November 7th 2010 in ITB’s Campus Center Basketball Court). The roadshow itself was a health seminar, titled “Healthy Lifestyle”, open for the public. Its speakers were experts in the fields of sports, nutrition, medical, pharmaceutical, and immunology. Moreover, in this roadshow, a health bazaar was also conducted and it brought a guest star, Adrian Maulana, who is an actor and helath motivator.

The second part of the event, which was the main event, was held in November 13th and November 14th 2010. This event consisted of two parts, Studium Generale and Patient Counselling Competition. About 248 students from 17 different universities in Indonesia participated in the studium generale. Studium generale was a professional seminar, which, in the PCE 2010, discussed the topic of Pharmacovigillance “Enhancing Awareness of Medication” by Dra. Tri Asti Inarti, Apt., M. Pharm. from Indonesian FDA’s (BPOM) Center of Drug Information. The next topics was a debriefing for pharmaceutical students, particularly they who were joining the competition. The topics were Patient Psychology by Drs. HRA. Suherman, M. Psi (Hasan Sadikin Hospital’s Psychologist) and Patient Counseling by Dra. Siti Saidah M., M.Si, Apt. (Pharmacist at Hasan Sadikin Hospital’s Pharmaceutical Instalation).

The nationwide Counseling Competition was attended by 83 contestants who came from various univesities in Indonesia. This event had 3 stages: qualification stage, semifinal stage, and final stage. This counseling competition consisted of two categories, Beginner (for students undertaking bachelor degree) and Advanced (for students undertaking apoteker – pharmacist professional degree – ). After a very tight competition, 3 winners were selected for each category. The winners of the beginner level were Margareth Christina Halim (Sanatha Darma University), Yosephine Dian Hendrawati (Sanatha Darma University) and Fitria Nur Hidayah (Gadjah Mada University). The winners for advanced level were Elok Tetry Darmayanti (Gadjah Mada University), Ratih Ayu Felista (Surakarta Muhammadiyah University), and Regina Citra Dewanti (Sanatha Darma University). The winners got a cash prize in a total sum of 9 million rupiahs, a voucher to attend the 57th International Congress of IPSF 2011 in Thailand (for the first winners), and also a School of Pharmacy ITB’s Dean trophy. Moreover, before the finals , an intermezzo event was also held, which was a seminar about haemophilia and its prevention. The speaker was a doctor and in cooperation with Himpunan Masyarakat Hemofili Indonesia (Indonesian Association for Haemophilia) and Sanguin Graha which were one of the sponsors of this event.

PCE 2010 “Good Pharmacist, Good Counseling!”

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