Department of Pharmaceutical Biology

Department of Pharmaceutical Biology is applied pharmaceutical sciences based on biology that cover invention and discovery, drug development and production, standardization, control of proces and utilization. The sub-dicipline of the department  include cytology, genetics, microbiology, botany, zoology, biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, toxicology, biotechnology and pharmacognosy. In more specific scope it covers drug and excipient from organism such as microbe, plant and animal and the producing organism. Sometime pharmaconosy is defined as Pharmaceutical Biology in narrow meaning.

With the above definition pharmacognosy-phytochemistry is needed in pharmacy services especially it has special importance in Indonesia in relation with the intensive use of natural product especially from plant that is used as medicine and will certainly needs standardization or development based on pharmacognosy-phytochemistry.


Fields of interest:

  1. Topics based on biological activity: anti degenerative (anti diabetes, antihypertension, antioxidant, antihyperlipidemia, antiinflammation, cosmetics: hair growth stimulants, anti aging, pesticides).
  2. Topics based on Chemotaxonomy: Rutaceae, Liliaceae, Myrtaceae, Piperceae, Zingiberaceae, Combretaceae.
  3. Production of markers compounds.
  4. Production of excipient (starches, cellulose, jelly, alginate, carageenan, dyes).
  5. Production of volatile oils.
  6. Production of plant secondary metabolites using biotechnological approach.
  7. Ethnopharmacognosy.
  8. Standardization of crude drugs and extracts (development of method and their application).

Komar Ruslan W, Prof. (Dr., Universite Paul Sabatier, France)

Asep Gana Suganda, Prof. (Dr., Universite De Nantes, France)
Elfahmi (PhD, Groningen, The Netherland)
Irda Fidrianny (Dr., ITB)
Siti Kusmardiyani (M.Sc., The University of Minnesota, USA)
Sukrasno, Prof. (Dr., University Edinburgh, UK)