Department of Pharmacochemistry

Department of Pharmacochemistry consists of two main sub-department i.e. Analytical Pharmacy and medicinal Chemistry. Resources of the Departement of Pharmacochemistry support series of research activity in Analytical Pharmacy, Clinical Chemistry, Microbiological Analysis, Food Analysis and Safety, and Medicinal Chemistry.


Fields of interest:

  1. Developing analytical methods.
  2. Designing and synthesizing porphyrin and chlorophyll -compound to treat cancer and chemical study of existing cancer medicines.
  3. Designing and synthesizing quinine derivate compound as anti-malaria and stereo selective reagent.
  4. Designing and developing vaccines candidate and diagnostic for tuberculosis.
  5. Developing natural chlorophyll and monascus pigmens.
  6. Developing reagent for clinical diagnostics.
  7. Developing of alternative nutrition from local sources.

Slamet Ibrahim Surantaatmadja, Prof (Dr., Universite De Montpellier I, France)

Daryono Hadi Tjahjono, Prof. (Dr., Keio University, Japan)
Elin Julianti (Dr, Seoul National University, Korea)
Marlia Singgih Wibowo (Dr., Univ of Strathclyde, Glasgow –UK)
Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita (Dr. rer. nat., Universitat Bonn, Germany)
Sophi Damayanti (Dr.rer.nat, Universitat Bonn, Germany)
Tutus Gusdinar Kartawinata, Prof. (Dr., Universite De Montpellier I, France)
Tursino, (M.Si.,ITB)
Benny Permana, (M.Si., ITB/ Ph.D. Student Chiba University, Japan)