Social and Community Service Event by School of Pharmacy ITB

On July 15th, 2017, School of Pharmacy ITB held social and community service event as part of its 70th annual celebration. The social events was participated by 333 people who live in Kampung Parunghalang, Andir, Kecamatan Bale Endah, Kabupaten Bandung.

The aims of this social event were to expand the contribution of the School of Pharmacy ITB in community service, to provide the information on healthy lifestyle, and to raise public awareness on the danger of degenerative diseases.

In this social event, School of Pharmacy ITB also collaborated with Kesdam III/Siliwangi and UPT Layanan Kesehatan ITB – Bumi Medika Ganesha, and with some sponsors from pharmaceutical industries.

“In the future, the publication of the event should be done much earlier in order to increase the number of participant. The event’s publication should also be done in elementary schools to increase the participation of the children in the place where the social event will be held”, said Dr. Lia Amalia, Apt. as the the head of the organizing committee.

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