Department of Sport Science

Department of Sport Science is the main contributor in implementing Sport Course that is cumpolsory for all ITB student and delivered in the first year. The aim of this course is to stimulate the awareness of the student on the importance of sport in maintaining the well being that will assure the effective work during study period or after completion their study. Healthy student will concentrate more whether during study or physical activity such as in laboratory class. Being healthy will also minimize undesired faults in performing the activity.

Relationship between phenomena that is found in sport with biochemical parameters is a study that is being developed together with other departments in the School of Paharmacy. The influence of food on athlete performace is studied in connection with the accumulation of lactic acid and fatigue constitute as one of the research topic of Sport Science Department. This is the blessing of the ITB reorganization that unite Sport Science Department into the School of Pharmacy that is interfaced by the same interest on human health.

Fields of interest:

  1. Sport Physiology.
  2. Sport Biomechanics.
  3. Sport Management.
  4. Sport Education.
  5. Health.
  6. Effect of Training.


Tommy Apriantono (Ph.D., National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Kanoya-Japan), M.Sc.


Samsul Bahri (M.Kes., UNPAD-Bandung, Indonesia/P.hD. Student in Universitas Negeri Jakarta ), Drs.

Rini Syafriani,  (Dr., ITB), M.Kes, UNPAD), Dra.

Kusnaedi (Dr, Universitas Negeri Jakarta., M.Pd., Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia), Drs.

Didi Sunadi (M.Pd., Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia), / Student Ph.D in ITB), Drs.

Nia Sri Ramania,  (Dr., UPI, Indonesia, M.Sc., National Institute of Fitness and Sport, Japan), Dra.

Doddy A. Karim (M.Pd., Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia/Ph.D. Student in UNPAD), Drs.