Undergraduate Program in Clinical and Community Pharmacy

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Undergraduate Programme in Clinical and Community Pharmacy (UPCCP) provides knowledge and skills of pharmaceutical care, implementing the concept of clinical pharmacy and management of community pharmacy that is in line with healthy paradigm, to fill the need of health worker to achieve health service by tripartite professions consisting doctor (medical care), apothecary (pharmaceutical care), nurse (nursing care) and knowledgeable on various pharmaceutical product and medical devices designated at primary quality service to the patient (patient oriented).

Graduate Competencies

The graduate of UPCCP is able to perform pharmacy services (pharmaceutical product and clinical services) in accordance with principle and ethics of pharmaceutical care, from dispensing of quality, effective and safe medicine, supported with comprehensive information in order to achieve accurate use and recovery of the patient. Able to actively contribute in evaluating, interpreting, and provide the solution on preclinical and clinical tests or studies. Knowledgeable various pharmaceutical products and medical devices oriented at primary healthcare services to the patient and client.


The vision of this study program is to be a high-ranked undergraduate study program in clinical and community pharmacy at the regional and national level, with an aim to improve the quality of health at the community and population level.


  1. To provide qualified education in clinical and community pharmacy for all levels of society.
  2. To expand the pharmacy education program for creating competent graduates who are able to fulfill all aspects of pharmacy activity at national and international level.
  3. To expand and integrate research in all aspects of pharmaceutical science, particularly in the discovery of new drug or new pharmacological activity of existing drugs and the exploration of herbal medicines.
  4. To contribute to all pharmacy programs aimed to develop qualified pharmaceutical care for society in the hospital, pharmacy, and other pharmaceutical care facilities; and to improve pharmacy regulation with an ultimate goal of increasing the economic growth for welfare state development.
  5. To improve the quality, dedication and work ethic of pharmacy profession in implementing pharmaceutical care as one of the universal missions of the pharmacy profession.