Undergraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

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Undergraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology (UPPST) provides an opportunity for the student to acquire knowledge and skills in science and technology of pharmacy covering all aspects related to pharmaceutical products from discovery and invention, processing and development of raw material to the pharmaceutical preparation. In other words, UPPST focus on product-oriented knowledge to fulfill the need of expertise in research, product development and quality control of the pharmaceutical product and medical devices.

Graduate Competencies

The graduate of UPPST is expected to fulfill the current need of pharmaceutical skill to apply and develop science and technology to be able to perform the role of the pharmaceutical scientist or pharmacist in production, quality control, research and development of pharmaceutical products.

Since 2006, Undergraduate Program in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology School of Pharmacy ITB are open to international (non-Indonesian) students who want to pursue their study in the School of Pharmacy ITB. The student will be admitted through a selection process.


The vision of this study program is to be a high-ranked undergraduate study program in pharmacy, particularly in the pharmaceutical science and technology at the regional and national level, with an aim to improve the quality of health at the community and population level.


  1. To provide qualified pharmacy education for all levels of society.
  2. To conduct innovative, competitive and continuous research in the pharmaceutical field, particularly in improving the exploration and use of herbal medicines in the health care.
  3. To apply knowledge and research findings in serving the public good.